The implications on your insurance may vary depending on your insurance provider and policy. It is recommended to contact your insurance provider to discuss the impact and any necessary adjustments to your coverage.

Yes, using the Power M unit in conjunction with solar panels can help save money by utilizing renewable energy and reducing reliance on grid power.

The exact inclusions may depend on the chosen package.

The price includes the necessary power module/s, battery module/s, an addendum of certificate of compliance, installation within 5 meters from the main electrical DB, PV Installation Materials for Inverter to combiner box < 12m & MPPT <3m. PV String configuration allows 5x Panels in Row by 2x Columns on a single story tiled roof @ 30° Angle.

The tax implications may vary based on your jurisdiction and specific circumstances. It is advisable to consult with a tax professional or accountant for guidance tailored to your situation.

Warranty & Support

On average, it takes 5-7 days (excluding weekends and public holidays) to replace a faulty unit after the fault has been determined through a callout or log examination.

Yes, after the lease period or outright purchase, support services may incur a cost of R300 per month. This cost covers ongoing support and assistance related to the Power M unit.


Yes, the installation kit includes a bypass switch. It is labeled for easy identification and use.

The installation time depends on the package and configuration. For a single-unit installation, it typically takes one day. Additional time will be required to add 5-10 solar panels which typically takes around 1 day.


The Power M unit is installed in-line, functioning as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Yes, it is possible to install the Power M unit to split your distribution board (DB). However, additional charges may apply based on the specific configuration of your DB. Each installation scenario will vary.

An addendum certificate of compliance (CoC) will be issued, provided that you already have a valid CoC for your existing electrical setup. If you do not have a valid CoC, a full test and measurement of the entire premises will be required, along with any necessary fault rectification, which will incur additional charges.



Each unit requires a minimum spacing of at least 500mm spacing around the complete unit and has to be at least 25mm from the wall

Yes, the Huawei Power M unit supports solar panels.

Yes, there is a maximum limit of 5500W per Power-M for solar panel input.

You can expand the battery capacity by adding additional battery packs to the unit. Each Huawei unit can accommodate up to 5 battery packs in a single configuration.

Yes, you can integrate a generator into the system through external changeover mechanisms, but not directly to the inverter.

The maximum power input per Huawei inverter is 32A single phase

No, the Power M unit currently does not support wind generators

Yes, you can connect your geyser or kettle to the Power M unit solution, depending on the combined power and battery module capacity. Please note that single module and battery setups will have limitations.


A Single Power Module is 246mmx700mmx152mm and weighs 17Kg

A Single Battery Module is 390mmx700mmx158mm and weighs 50Kg

Depending on load for example

On the one battery system – at an average continues load of 2500W it will last +/- 2 hours

On the two battery system – at an average continues load of 2500W it will last +/- 4 hours

Each Battery module with a continues load of 2000W will increase the backup time by +/- 2 Hours

This can be because the batteries did not have enough time to charge between loadshedding schedules. Please ensure the batteries is fully charged. This can also be because you are using more load than the average calculations. Please be more aware of using high power usage equipment during loadshedding.


Yes, there is an app available for the Power M unit, that provides convenient monitoring.

The unit comes standard with a 10-year warranty and cannot be extended due to the lifespan of the componentry


Yes, the IP-rating of the unit is IP66 however it is recommended to still be under roof.